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Associate Attorney

Jasmin Dimson

Since her admittance to the California State Bar in 2021, Jasmin has practiced solely at Minella Law Group. At Minella Law Group, Jasmin’s focuses include both family law and estate planning.

Practice Areas

Estate Planning


Spousal Support


Domestic Violence


Jasmin prides herself on being extremely detail oriented and ensuring clients understand all aspects of their family law and estate planning matters. Regardless of whether Jasmin is assisting clients with their family law or estate planning matters, she is able to identify the issues, identify one’s goals, develop a game plan, and take action.

Overall, Jasmin has a passion for both family law and estate planning. Family law allows Jasmin to focus on resolving one’s current issues, while estate planning allows her to focus on being proactive in efforts to prevent one’s potential future issues. Jasmin understands estate planning is essential in helping individuals and families secure their futures, protect their assets, and provide clear direction as to the management and distribution of their estate. Jasmin will guide clients through this critical estate planning journey and ensure their goals are achieved and their estate plan is personalized and proper.

Jasmin graduated cum laude from UC Law, San Francisco, formerly known as UC Hastings, College of the Law. Prior to attending law school, she obtained her bachelor’s degree in legal studies from UC Santa Cruz, while serving as a NCAA student-athlete. Jasmin is a California native who has lived up and down the golden state. However, she is happy to call San Diego home. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, catching a sunset at the beach, and playing in local recreational basketball leagues.

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