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Welcome to our Child Support resources page – we know how important the welfare of your children is, we take it seriously. We’re proud to use our skills and years of experience to make sure all your child support issues are handled in a fair and efficient manner.

Please explore our child support resource page to better understand your case and how the attorneys at Minella Law Group can help.

Quick Facts:

Child support is the amount of money that a court orders one or both parents to pay every month to help go towards for the support of the child (or children) and their associated living expenses.

There is a growing trend in this country that child support should only cover the bare necessities, such as food and clothing. In reality, child support is meant to cover a wide range of expenses, including school fees, entertainment, medical, sports and extracurricular activities are among the many.  

The underlying principles for child support include:

  • Provide financial support for the child consistent with each parent’s situation and current station in life
  • Each parent has a responsibility to support their children financially
  • The child support guideline is usually correct in all cases – only in certain circumstances should a child support order go below or outside the guideline formula.
  • Child support orders will reflect California’s high costs and accordingly high standard of living to ensure each child receives fair, timely and adequate support


San Diego Specific Resources:


Minella Law Child Support Calculator

California Courts

San Diego County DCSS

California Dept. of Child Support

In California, a complex calculation is used to determine child support payments. In fact, a computer program called the Dissomaster is used to calculate the monthly child support amount. The calculation contains accurate and honest information submitted by each spouse.

Child Support Guidelines were put into place to provide a minimum level of support for a child and to ensure uniformity upon calculation.

  • Reaching an Agreement Outside of a Court
  • Modifying a Child Support Order
  • Enforcing a Child Support Order

Did You Know Each parent is equally responsible for providing for the financial needs of his/ her child. The court cannot enforce this obligation, however, until it makes an order for support. When parents separate, a parent must ask the court to make an order establishing parentage (paternity) and also ask the court to make an order for child support.

Child support payments are typically made until children turn 18 or 19.

Either parent can ask the judge to make a child support order as part of one of these types of cases:

  • Divorce, legal separation, or annulment
  • A Petition to Establish Parental Relationship (for unmarried parents)
  • A domestic violence restraining order (for married or unmarried parents)
  • A Petition for Custody and Support of Minor Children (for parents who have signed a voluntary Declaration of Paternity OR are married, or registered domestic partners, and do not want to get legally separated or divorced )

Most Common Uses for Child Support

  • Basic Needs are Food, Clothing and Shelter
  • Medical Care
  • Educational
  • Childcare
  • Travel and Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Summer Camps, Sports and Extracurricular Activities
  • College

Child Support by the Numbers:


child support


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The Child Support Lawyers at Minella Law Group will work to secure your best interest in calculating, negotiating and securing the amount of child support you deserve.

Working through child support cases can be quite complex and difficult, but it’s so critical in ensuring the stability of your children. Our Family Law Attorneys work with you to support and protect your personal, financial and family well-being through diligent investigation, careful analysis, and experienced advocacy.

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