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We’re open and equipped to help you safely.

The San Diego Superior Court is back open as of May 26, 2020. We’re here to help you navigate these challenging times and be a needed resource.  Our attorneys are available over the phone to guide you through any new or existing family law case.

Latest Information From Minella Law Group

Virtual Visits Are Recommended

With the Coronavirus and the stay at home orders some parents are choosing to use virtual visitation instead of in person visitation.

There are some situations where this might be appropriate, such as, if there is a long distance parenting plan, or one parent is an essential worker and has been exposed to the virus. These tools can help enhance virtual visits during these complicated times. 

⇒Skype – Skype is an internet based communication system which allows people to communicate over various devices for phone calls or video chats. Skype can be used on computers, mobile devices, the X-box One system and smartwatches. Skype requires both parties to have internet access but the basic system is free to use

⇒Facebook Messenger/Messenger for Kids – Facebook Messenger is another text and video chat app for older kids. It is easy to use and can be used on a computer, tablet, mobile device, and any other device you can access Facebook. Facebook also launched a new and improved program this week called Messenger Kids, which allows children ages 6 through 12 to have a messenger-only accounts and allows parents to monitor their conversations. Messenger Kids works with the regular Messenger program for text and video conversation

⇒Zoom – Zoom is a tool used for video conferences and can be easily used for virtual visitation. Zoom is an app available on computers, tablets, or mobile devices. Zoom is easy to use and because of the video conference feature other family members such as grandparents can join the visit. Zoom is free up to 40 minutes

⇒Facetime – Facetime from iPhone is the built in video chat feature. This program requires both parties communicating to have an iPhone but is user friendly and easier for parents to monitor who the child is talking to. Android phone systems also have a video chat feature which can be used in the same way. If one person has an iPhone and the other an Android they will likely need to use one of the programs described above

⇒House Party – For older kids House Party is a video chat app for smart phones with built in games to play such as Heads Up or charades.

While you can use these tools to enhance virtual visitation if you are not in agreement to modify your visitation to virtual visitation, Minella Law Group can help. If the other parent is prohibiting the scheduled visitation please contact our office to discuss steps you can take to enforce your court ordered visitation.

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