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Every individual marriage is different, and as such, every divorce is different too. Many divorces end in settlement instead of trial, with family lawyers effectively negotiating on behalf of their clients to amicably resolve issues that may exist with their spouses.

How Does Collaborative Divorce Reduce Conflict?

Collaborative divorce is a form of divorce in which spouses work together in an honest and open manner to attempt to reach a peaceful settlement without having to go to court.

Usually, many families find this option to be particularly desirable because it can reduce conflict, tension, and hostility in the complex procedure of a divorce, laying a positive foundation for the continued communication between parties, particularly for the sake of any children involved.

Also, it allows the parties to save money since fighting can be expensive.

How Collaborative Divorce Works

When a couple decides to pursue collaborative divorce, they agree to forgo other adversarial divorce proceedings in an attempt to keep the dispute out of court. Once they have chosen their family lawyers, they may also choose to work with a variety of other trained professionals in a team commonly including a child specialist, divorce coach, or a financial specialist.

Using the team available to them, both parties will reach a final agreement regarding their collaborative divorce, and that agreement will be incorporated into a formal judgment for their divorce or end of marriage, which will need to be entered by a judge as an order of the court before it becomes official.

Usually, collaborative divorce can be organized in less time than other forms of divorce, such as when litigation is needed, and many people regard it to be less expensive too. As a more peaceful form of negotiation, it can result in a more satisfying outcome for both parties, who come to terms regarding their own solution, instead of having a solution forced upon them by a court appointed judge.

The Impact on Children and Families

In the case of any divorce, the end of a relationship or civil partnership can have a negative effect on children that are involved. Usually, it can be distressing for children of any age to see their parents no longer getting along, and it is vital that the parties act in the best interest of those children to minimize the likelihood of any lasting emotional damage.

In order for any divorce to proceed smoothly, an attorney should be used.

Select one who has experience and knowledge in the family law field particularly in dealing with divorce. Remember that you should be able to ask your lawyer about any concerns or issues you may have during the case, and don’t be afraid to make your questions heard.

Obviously, this can be difficult in some cases, and in certain circumstances a peaceful resolution will not be possible. However, for those parties that can come to some kind of amicable agreement, the option of a collaborative divorce may be the best legal option available in terms of an emotional, financial cost. If parties cannot reach a solution together, then the courts will have to get involved, and the parties will no longer have the option to use a collaborative, or a family lawyer in negotiating with each other.  The best outcome is for the parties to reach a decision on their divorce rather than having a judge decide.

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