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San Diego Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative law case is made up of four-way meetings in which the parties and their lawyers work together to resolve your divorce, property division, custody and support, and other related concerns, outside of the courtroom. Each attorney still represents his or her own client and their interests.

However, both attorneys focus on the big picture of helping you resolve your divorce in an open and respectful manner in a neutral setting, striving for fairness.

In keeping with the principles of cooperation necessary to collaborative law, we’ll work with you to invent solutions and negotiate fairly in order to reach a mutually agreed upon settlement.

San Diego Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a confidential process outside of court in which a mediator acts as a neutral third party, facilitating the mutual resolution of divorce-related issues. Mediation can provide many advantages, generally saving time and being less costly than litigation. Moreover, its benefits may continue well into the future because mediation can cultivate a more cooperative relationship that endures after the divorce, greatly benefiting your children.

A mediator does not make decisions for you and your spouse, and parties are often encouraged to have their own attorneys since the mediator’s role is to assist in reaching agreement and to provide legal information.  A mediator does not represent either spouse, and consequently, the mediator does not give the parties advice.

The resulting agreement is not required to be fair to both spouses, or to protect the legal rights of both spouses.

If you retain Minella Law Group for a divorce mediation, our attorneys advise you, prepare documents to be submitted to the court, consult with you on complex issues such as property division, and review the agreement. We will also attend part or all of your divorce mediation, at your option.

As always, we are committed to maximizing the options in your best interest while keeping your future and that of your family in mind.

Speak with our divorce attorneys about how we can help you meet your goals and get through the divorce process.  Please click below to schedule a free consultation or call Minella Law Group at (619) 289-7948.