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Divorce, Support, and Custody Help for Military Members

Members of the armed service are faced with special circumstances when going through a divorce.  The military does not provide counsel for members going through a divorce, and the case takes place in a state court, rather than a military court.

The military and the San Diego Superior Court have competing laws and regulations when it comes to divorce and support. For example, the military’s regulations on what type of support you will need to pay are usually stricter than the state court’s regulations. In order to protect yourself if you are in the military and find yourself divorcing, you will need to obtain a court order to avoid having to abide by military regulations.

Property Division, Communication, and Child Custody

Property division is also a very important issue as military pension plans can be very valuable.  Additionally, there are special challenges that a military divorce poses such as communication issues and child custody negotiations. It is harder to communicate if you are overseas or stationed somewhere where you don’t have access to email or phone. Likewise, child custody can be very difficult to negotiate as a military member is subject to deployment and working overseas.

Minella Law Group is experienced in forming creative custody plans that will enable your child to spend time with both parents, despite the distance between them.

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Minella Law Group’s divorce attorneys specialize in handling the unique challenges that military members face when dealing with divorce or support cases. We do not have to meet you ever in our office to help you with your case as everything can be handled electronically, or over the phone.

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