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Relationship Conflicts and Divorce Law

By April 1, 2011November 25th, 2014No Comments2 min read

It’s well known that divorces can be difficult.  Besides dealing with property division, alimony, child support, and visitation, the spouses must also cope with the array of emotions accompanying the end of their marriage.  Those emotions can worsen already-existing conflicts and make the divorce process more difficult.

As a sociologist recently explained, no marriage is conflict-free, and those conflicts may fall into one of four categories.  First are “one-time, solvable problems,” which are conflicts created by a particular situation, not a clash of personalities.  Second are “cyclical conflicts,” which are ongoing, but alternate between being a big problem at some times, a small problem at others.  Third are “deal-breakers” – the sort of conflicts that cannot be solved by agreement, because they arise from a fundamental difference in personality or belief.  Lastly, there are “wounding problems.”  These conflicts arise over and over – like cyclical problems – but they tend to produce feelings of hurt and frustration, and can be very difficult to resolve. 

Unfortunately, conflicts do not evaporate once a couple decides to end their marriage.  Instead, they often contribute to making a divorce contentious.  For this reason, if you are getting divorced, it’s helpful to have an attorney who can buffer conflict for you and help reduce the amount of stress and difficulty you experience during the divorce process.   The divorce attorneys at Minella Law Group are skilled at using use their negotiation and advocacy skills to help resolve all types of property, child custody, and support conflicts.  We are also experienced in using collaborative law or mediation to resolve divorce conflicts when appropriate.  You don’t have to go through a divorce on your own.  Please call (619) 289-7948 to set up an appointment with the experienced family law attorneys at Minella Law Group.

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