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Elizabeth Lefiti

What to Do About Domestic Violence During COVID-19


While Coronavirus has changed our lives with sheltering in place, restrictions on our day to day activities, and causing health concerns for many people, staying home has created unintended consequences including a rise in domestic violence.

With increased stress and potential increased substance abuse, this can lead to increased risk of domestic violence.   

To victims of domestic violence, these restrictions can be life threatening.  Alarmingly, since the start of the pandemic, there has been a rise in reports of domestic violence.  There are no escapes or ways to cool off and people are forced to quarantine together which can make an already dangerous situation even more dangerous.

During this shelter in place, many victims of domestic violence may be too scared to seek help or with so many closures of public resources and a limited access to justice, victims of domestic violence may feel as though there is nowhere to turn.

The San Diego District Attorney’s office has created special resources online in both English and Spanish for victims to seek help. Although San Diego Superior Court remains closed for most functions, all four courthouses in the county remain open Monday-Friday for restraining order requests.

The court will review your request remotely along with any evidence you submit and issue a restraining order if the court finds you have met your burden of proof. The restraining order can include move out orders forcing the domestic violence perpetrator to leave the residence, so you are protected.  The restraining order can also include temporary custody orders, if children are involved, and orders for one party to continue making monthly financial payments such as cell phone bills or rent.

If you are a victim of domestic violence or are in immediate danger of further violence, the attorneys at Minella Law Group, can help.  We offer remote services to meet with you and prepare your case for filing, the shelter in place restrictions do not prevent us from continuing to serve our clients to the best of our abilities.

Website Ideas for Kids During COVID-19 Distancing


You just found out your kids are out of school for a whole month due to Coronavirus protective measures. Now what?

Your kids might want to spend the next month sleeping in or watching YouTube videos but self-isolation isn’t a vacation. This sudden closure of schools is disruptive to a child’s education and they may not understand what is going on. As parents you may have concerns about your children falling behind in school, boredom, or you would like to prevent endless hours of television watching.

Thankfully, the internet has many ideas, schedules, curriculum, and activities to keep your children busy during Coronavirus self-isolation.

Here are a few websites to help keep your sanity during the next couple of weeks:

  1. San Diego Unified School District – Instructional Resources This resource provides curriculum from San Diego Unified Schools to help keep your children from falling behind with their courses. They even have ideas for P.E. and wellness during this time off from school. 
  2. The Monterey Aquarium – Live Cameras A live look at several exhibits at the Monterey Aquarium, including the Jellyfish Cam, Kelp Forrest Cam, and Penguin Cam.
  3. Khan Academy A non-profit educational website with free schedules and curriculum resources for all grade levels for use during the school closures. 
  4. PBS Kids This website has children-friendly videos and games for fun yet educational screen time. You can also sign up for a newsletter that provides daily ideas for at-home fun and education.
  5. Red Ted Art Tutorials Easy and creative follow along craft and art tutorials for preschool and elementary aged children.

At Minella Law Group we know these are difficult times and we remain working on your cases remotely, ready to assist you with any family law issues that may arise.