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Division of Marital Assets

A House Divided, Literally: What Not to Do When Dividing Your California Property at Divorce

Abraham Lincoln once said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” but in lands far away from California, two men in Germany and Cambodia have proven otherwise. In 2007, a German man divorcing his wife took a chainsaw to his wooden house, splitting it in two and then transported his newly redesigned home to his brother’s property. The following year, it happened again. This time the setting was Cambodia, where a man similarly decided that the court system’s idea of property division just wasn’t for him. Instead, he sawed his home in half before moving it to his parents’ property. Continue Reading

Protect Yourself by Playing Fair: Why You Shouldn’t Hide Assets in a California Divorce

If you’re thinking about how to handle your California divorce and protect your assets, you may want to take into account the divorce of millionaire H. Beatty Chadwick. He’s never been charged with a crime, but since 1995 he’s been jailed for civil contempt after $2.5 million didn’t turn up during his divorce proceedings. When will he get out? Possibly not until he produces the money. While his wife believes he hid the money in offshore bank accounts, Chadwick maintains he lost the money in a failed overseas investment.  It’s important to protect your financial interests, but hiding assets or hiding money behind fraudulent business transactions is never the answer. Continue Reading