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A Voluntary Declaration of Paternity in California

Mutually choosing to have and co-parent a child as an unmarried couple is a choice many people are happily making.  However, even is cases where a couple agrees to co-parent, paternity may play an important role in ensuring that the actual goal of co-parenting is achieved with ease, respect, and success.

Failure to establish paternity could result in a father being denied a right to custody or visitation; or, in the alternative, deny a mother the right to receive child support.
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Whether In or Out of Wedlock, California Paternity Law Can Automatically Presume Fatherhood

California’s paternity laws provide a process for determining who a child’s legal father is.  By establishing fatherhood, many other important questions can be answered.  For example, will a child have a right to his or her father’s medical records to help identify inherited health problems and risks, will the child be able to benefit from his or her father’s health or life insurance coverage, have rights to social security or veterans benefits, and have the right to be financially supported and receive an inheritance from both parents?  Continue Reading