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In California, the Office of the Attorney General controls the Child Abuse Central Index (aka CACI).  CACI is a registry containing names of those whose the Attorney General deems have abused children. 

This abuse can be in the form of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, medical neglect, or more general abuse or neglect.  CACI data includes the name of the suspect and victim, agency that conclusively investigated the incident and sent the information to the registry, and specifics as to the manner of the abuse.

CACI was originally established as a way to protect children by providing law enforcement with additional information to assist in new child abuse investigations and to provide governmental hiring agencies with adequate information during background checks to determine if an applicant would be a risk to children.

One way to get on this registry is through a Child Welfare Agency.  This occurs after child welfare conducts an investigation into a report of child abuse and makes a determination that the allegation of child abuse should be substantiated, against a particular individual.  The allegation can be substantiated even if the County does not file a petition to remove the child. Thus, some people get put on the registry without even getting their day in court, to rebut the allegation!

After a name is placed on the registry, that individual will get a Notice for the Health and Human Services Grievance hearing unit. With that Notice will be a Request to File for a Grievance Hearing, to appeal the decision to place you on the registry. 

Only if you complete the Request Form and send it back, will you get your day in court (actually in the HHSA Office, but still …) to counter the allegations and get your name off the registry.

The good news, is that you can hire an experienced Child Welfare Attorney to comb through the evidence and present your case with you. Child protective services is often not transparent with investigations.  All social workers are not created equal and not all will be fair. Hire a specialist with substantial experience in Child Welfare to work with you to present your case. 

With success, the allegation will be downgraded and your name will be taken off the registry and you can go on with all the options you have in life!

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