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Your Family & Fireworks: The Beautiful, the Dazzling… the Dangerous?

By July 3, 2013May 25th, 2016No Comments3 min read

July is upon us, with its heat waves and barbecues and, of course, the Fourth of July! Independence Day is that great mid-summer escape opportunity, inspiring trips to the water park, family picnics, the devouring of many helpless watermelons, and to top it all off—the fireworks shows.

Now, thanks to many of the dry conditions and laws in effect, most areas have a personal fireworks ban in place. So if you and your family want to enjoy fireworks this year, your best bet is one of the many fireworks shows in the area.

A few of the main displays include Big Bay Boom, San Diego SeaWorld’s Into the Blue show, and the Red, White, and BOOM!

But did you know even during public shows, when enjoying the spectacle from a distance, you should still take some safety steps into consideration?

Obviously, one of the biggest and easiest things is to respect the personal fireworks rules in place. There’s a reason they’re there. If you leave fireworks in professional hands, you’re already miles ahead in safety! What else can you do to ensure your family has a fantastic time while being bedazzled during the celebration? Here are a few tips:

• Factor in the Noise – Fireworks can be LOUD depending on how far away from the main show you are. This can hurt kids’ sensitive ears, dampening their delight of the event. One option is to make sure you’re situated far enough away. Another is to pick up some cheap earplugs (check the nearest hardware store) so you can all watch in auditory comfort.
• Stick Together – Fireworks shows often draw huge crowds, and it can be easy to get separated from your kids if you aren’t careful. You could either find a more isolated spot to watch from, or if you decide to brave the crowds, make sure everyone is accounted for at all times. You might even consider wearing matching shirts so it’s easy to spot the little ones should they start to wander.
• Environmental Hazards – Crowded picnic or other public areas pose possible dangers of their own. Glass bottles can be scattered about, waiting for bare feet to trample. There’ll likely be dogs all over, and folks who imbibe just a tiny bit too much. The best thing here is awareness and establishing your own family’s personal space so others who might not be as careful don’t impinge on your safe fun.

So gather everyone together, get the grill hot, and relax as evening falls. Soon enough, you’ll be oohing and ahhing—and you’ll be able to enjoy the fireworks all the more, knowing you’ve taken all necessary precautions.

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